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Spear Fishing and Deep Sea Trolling. Enipein Ecotourism provides multiple and spontaneous outdoor activities including spear fishing near the coral to the deep sea floor.

 on hiking duty


Pohnpei offers numerous majestic and mysterious sites around the island, including, but not limited to: the ancient Nan Madol ruins, the beautiful Six Falls, the Kepirohi waterfall, the infamous Twin Falls, the Sokehs Rock (which has often been compared to Hawaii's famous Diamond Head), as well as many more. All sites are easily accessible through Enipein Ecotourism. Professional tour guides will also be available upon request.

mangrove channel


Mangroves and Lagoons. Explore the beauty in the wilderness of the mangrove world and discover the mysterious creatures that lies within including: mud crabs, stingrays, mud lobster, hermit crabs, etc.



The island of Pohnpei has gained a reputation from professional surfers for having one of the best surf locations in the world. Take a trip on the wild adventureous side of life by visiting Palikir Pass for a day of epic surfing.

scuba diving

Scuba Diving

Although not a as famous as the World War 2 wreckage dives located in the neighboring island of Chuuk, Pohnpei offers numerous dive sites scatered across the island waters. Enjoy the beautiful coral reefs thriving with an abundance of sea life at Black Coral, a marine sanctuary. Prepare for a jaw dropping experience at Manta Road, where it is common to see giant manta rays up close.