Cultural Activities Get to Know the Real Pohnpei


Traditional Ceremonies

Sakau Ceremony

There are numerous sacred activities in Pohnpei, but none quite compare to Sakau Ceremonies. Sakau is made from a mixture of kava and hibiscus and gives the drinker a sense of tranquility. This sacred beverage has been used for hundreds of years by the people of Pohnpei for ceremonies and as a way to resolve disputes. At Enipein Ecotourism, we make Sakau the old-fashioned way. Come have a taste!


Traditional Dance

Go Back in Time

Enipein ecotourism is not only a tourism destination. It is also a space where youth are taught traditions that would otherwise be lost in time. Pohnpei has a long tradition of dance and song, dating back hundreds of years. Visitors to Enipein Ecotourism are given the opportunity to experience a series of dances from different centuries of Pohnpeian history.



Local Spots

Enipein Ecotourism sits out over a local swimming hole right at the bend of the main river flowing through Enipein. There's nothing quite like jumping into cool river water after spending the day hiking around a tropical jungle!