Welcome to Enipein Ecotourism

Accommodations & Food

The compound includes three traditional huts that can sleep between six and ten people per dwelling. The facility also includes a new shower and bathroom. Food is based on local seasons, and often includes mangrove crab, tuna, breadfruit, or yams. There is also a popular swimming area right next door! Click for more information an pricing.

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Outdoor Activities

Besides alpine skiing, the question is "what outdoor activities can't you do on Pohnpei?" Pohnpei has some of the best scuba diving, fishing, hiking, and surfing in the world. Click to see activities close to Enipein and information on some of our partner organizations.

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Cultural Activities

Pohnpei is home to an ancient culture that has passed down its customs and practices through the generations for millennia. Ein Pien ecotourism provides guests with lessons on local dance, basket weaving, and even cooking. As a vital part of Pohnpeian culture, sakau is always available! Click for more.

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What is Enipein Ecotourism?

Enipein Ecotourism was founded by Marino Eperiam and his family in 2012 through a generous grant by the FSM government. Marino envisioned a space that both preserves Pohnpeian culture and share it with the outside world. Enipein Ecotourism provides lessons for Pohnpeian youth on traditional skills, such as dance, basket weaving, and sakau ceremonies, while also accommodating guests from around the globe. The compound includes three large traditional huts, a stage for cultural presentations, and a large local swimming hole. During the day, visitors can paddle through mangrove forest, visit dozens of Pohnpei's world-famous waterfalls, go fishing, scuba dive, or see the notorious ruins of Nan Madol!

Marino and his Children